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Authentic Thai Food you can taste…..
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    Udon Kee Maow Noodle

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    Thai Touch Restaurant

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    BBQ Chicken

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    Udon Kee Maow Noodle

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    Chicken Teriyaki Combo

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    Chow Mein

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    Chicken Satay

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    Fish Ball Noodle Soup

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    Fish Cakes

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    Tom Yum Shirmp

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    Fried Vegetable Dumpling

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    Glass Noodle Stir Fried

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    Green Curry

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    Grilled Shrimp Salad

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    Broccoli Gravey Sauce Beef

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    Ginger Mushroom Tofu

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    Spicy Basil Chicken

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    Orange Chicken

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    Pad See Ew

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    Panang Curry

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    Pepper Garlic Shrimp

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    Salmon Teriyaki

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Yes! We Delivery Call Us: (818) 507-1107

THAI TOUCH RESTAURANT / Address: 1355 E Colorado St. Glendale, CA 91205 / Call: (818) 507-1107 / (Open daily! Sunday - Thursday 11:30 am – 10:00 pm) & (Friday and Saturday 11:30 am - 10:30 pm) Close on Monday!


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Traditional Thai Massage


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  • Introducing Thai Touch Restaurant, the Authentic Thai Food you could find…

We use only clean and fresh choice meats, organic veggies, and the highest quality ingredients available from farms so the produce is super fresh and super tasty.

  • Our main Thai food ingredients are from Thailand to make authentic Thai food taste.


  • The pineapple fried rice is really good! I also enjoy their yellow curry. The people there are very nice. This is my favorite neighborhood Thai restaurant and I love ordering from here!
    Chris H. Los Angeles, CA

  • I live down the street from this place so it's my go-to spot.

    My favorite is the asparagus and shiitake mushrooms with shrimp in oyster sauce. The panang curry is delicious along with all of their soups. The mango sticky rice is also the best.

    They almost always offer a free thai iced tea which is pretty bomb too.

    The service is spectacular. Every time I order delivery, they're here pretty quick. They're so nice too. I don't understand the "horrible customer service" reviews. I've seriously had dinner here a million times and haven't had a bad experience.
    Stacy-Thereza O. Glendale, CA

  • Really great Thai food in Glendale. I've been coming here for a while. The service is excellent and everything we have ever ordered is perfectly done. We have no complaints.
    Nik N. Glendale, CA

  • Great Thai Food and great service. Ordered Steak salad and Green Curry sole fish, would definitely recommend it.
    Annielie E. Los Angeles, CA

  • I'm typing this review the day after ordering another Tom Yum soup. This time around we ordered our food "to-go" for dinner. We ordered our Tom Yum (large) extra spicy with chicken & shrimp and yellow curry (chicken) medium spicy.

    When we brought it home, we couldn't believe the amount of flavor, seasoning, sweetness, & tartness all in one sip. It was an incredible feeling on my palate!!!

    The yellow curry was sweet, not so spicy and you can really smell the natural coconut in the curry. I've never had that experience before. Staff are as friendly as the first time. ;)

    Okay, I could go on and on. I'll be back again and again for sure.
    Geri S. San Jose, CA

  • I've been back twice already in a month!

    The dine-in special can't be beat $5.99! The portions are hearty and food comes out piping hot. The Thai Ice Tea is great & sometimes is on the house.

    You won't regret checking this place out

    Mar H. Glendale, CA

  • This is my go-to delivery spot. I live in Glendale and I order delivery from this place quite often.

    Their thai tea is really tasty and I'm not usually a thai tea person. I usually only drink milk tea.

    Their crab cream cheese is the best! I order it every time.

    Their delivery time has always been fast for me.
    Just A. Los Angeles, CA

  • I'm not one for leaving reviews and less they are earned and this establishment has some of the most amazing food very long time and the barbecue chicken was hands-down some of the best I've had in my entire life!

    I would highly recommend this restaurant to anybody who loves Thai Food or barbecue chicken.

    I also had the glass noodles which came out in a flaming Metal pot with fire pouring out of the middle which was a very awesome presentation of the food.

    Chef came out twice to check on us and make sure that we were doing okay and I felt that it was just the right family touch!
    Michael J. Los Angeles, CA

  • First time I tired Thai Touch I was hooked! Favorite Thai spot in Glendale, for sure; maybe even LA. Super affordable and the staff is nice/attentive. Amazing flavors and fresh ingredients, every time. The spice is so satisfying.
    Eric K. Glendale, CA

  • This place is amazing! I've been looking for a good Thai restaurant in Glendale and I have found it. The Pad Thai was amazing and so was the sweet and sour chicken. Next time I'll have to try their curry, but overall it was a great experience. I'll definitely be back!
    Avril S. Glendale, CA

  • We probably order pickup here more often than is healthy. The food is always dependably good and prepared quickly. We haven't tried much of the menu and we usually order the Pad See Ew, Pad Thai, or the Green Curry, but these are always amazing!
    Sydney H. Sun Valley, CA

  • We originally headed out to thai BBQ but the owner there informed us they were closed due to a pipe that busted .
    So we searched yelp and almost miss this hidden gem. We ignored the bad reviews for take out ( ugh ... Seriously ) .
    This would be a 4.5 star establishment
    The crab fried rice was the bomb
    Real crab on top of eggs prepared over medium . The presentation was awesome .
    The waitress was sweet and accommodating
    Jimmy- the owner was pleasant to talk to.
    We enjoyed talking to such a nice guy
    Will be back soon !
    Skye C. Pasadena, CA

  • Second time coming here but for dinner instead of lunch and I'm already hooked. The food is worth the price and they don't lag too much. A must definite spot to come to.
    Christian I. Los Angeles, CA

  • This is our GO-TO thai place. High quality food at a very affordable price. Interior is clean but space is very limited! The restaurant only holds about four tables.

    Usually get the Pad See Ew & Yellow Curry with a side of Tom Yum soup. Not too oily, large portions, and delicious. The food always tastes fresh, but it may take some time to come out. The owner seems to be a sweet older lady who is really attentive & kind.
    Sumin K. Sherman Oaks, Los Angeles, CA

  • I have ordered from here several times and it was so tasty. I love the pad see ew and the curries are also very flavorful. I recently came here to pick up a to go order and was surprised at how small the place is. It is very clean and organized. Limited number of tables and I even saw some reservations for the evening, so just keep that in mind. I'm very picky with my thai food and this place is a favorite of mine. A+
    Claire A. Irvine, CA

  • I'm given this place 5 stars coz is one my favorite thai food places. The food and service always excellent. My favorite papaya salad and pineapple coconut curry soup. Hhhmmmmm....
    By the way! I just open my business few blocks away. And is very convenient.
    I'm a massage therapist. You should try me. I give my customers a healing massage. And I have 3 types of massages and good deals! After a good meal you deserve a good massage with healing power. Or the other way around.
    Thank you. Healing massage by Manny!
    Manuel R. Glendale, CA

  • Im a die hard fan of Sanamluang in Hollywood. But when you don't want to drive, or running low in gas, this is a great Glendale place! It has it's own parking lot and it's so crowded here. They got great chop soy, tam kha kai, and pan thai. The chicken pad thai is good to and their thai iced tea is one of the better I've tasted. I'll definitely go here again.
    Rhonald N. Glendale, CA

  • I'm super picky about thai food because I lived in thai town for 2 years... thai touch is really tasty thai food in Glendale. The basil beef and pad see eew was good but the thai beef salad was a stand out, soo good!!
    Cara H. Glendale, CA

  • Really pleased with the meal and price. Had the yellow curry with beef. Got plenty of food and it tasted fresh and healthy. Wait staff was great, checked in at a good rate and answered all questions clearly and with a friendly demeanor.

    Overall really pleased with everything, especially that everyone in my party found something they enjoyed.

    Would thoroughly recommend it to anyone who wants good food for a great price.
    Matt K. Portland, OR

  • Excellent food, atmosphere, and service. One of the best Thai restaurants in the Glendale/Eagle Rock vicinity. Did I mention the prices are extremely reasonable. Their dine in special is probably the lowest in town yet their food is the freshest I've had in the area. No need to go elsewhere this is your only stop for Thai food. I highly recommend the pad thai, spicy basil chicken, and the green curry, you will not be disappointed.
    Nick O. Orange, CA

  • The dine in special is an unbelievable deal! A massive Thai entrée, Thai iced tea, and a salad for $5.99. I feel guilty when I eat there because it's such a good deal.
    A X. Los Angeles, CA

  • Honestly this is a little hole in the wall place.. The prices were extremely reasonable and the portions were plenty to share with two people. We got the cashew nut and the pad see ew (spelling?) And both were great.

    They aren't open on Tuesdays so be aware. This place is really worth a try.. especially for a late lunch or early dinner during the week. When we came in there was no one there...

    Service needs a little work but other than that, this place is worth a shot.

    Most of these negative reviews are about the delivery... It is worth going in for dine in... Don't let the negative comments stray you away from going in to the actual location.
    Al M. Riverside, CA

  • The food here is so good. I haven't found anything I don't like. The lunch portions are a very good size so u get a lot more for your buck.

    I would definitely try this place again, I especially like the yellow curry. It's delicious!!!
    Arleen O. Glassell Park, Los Angeles, CA

  • I've only ordered once from them, for delivery, but the experience was fantastic. The food was still hot and delivered in a timely manner. Since my order was over $20, I was eligible to receive Pad Thai for free. The delivery charge was $5, so it sort of evened out.

    As for the food itself, I really enjoyed the Pad Thai. The crab fried rice was good but not the tastiest. Next time, I'll try their pork fried rice.
    Turtle D. MONTROSE, CA

  • Small joint with great service and good food. Ordered the panang chicken curry and orange chicken. The curry was very tasty and fresh. The orange chicken was crispy and tangy. Both yummy! Our waitress was super sweet and very friendly. She was attentive and always smiling. Definitely recommend!
    Hugo G. Los Angeles, CA

  • They have excellent lunch specials. I had the Pad Thai with chicken, it was very tasty and came with a salad and Thai iced tea all for $6.50. I will definitely be recommending this spot to my coworkers.
    Nicole S. Pasadena, CA

  • I really love this place. The food and service always good,my favorite are yellow curry and spicy eggplant ,the lady who is waitress was very nice she always smile with me. And the last thing that i was surprise is the price was very reasonable. Love it!!!!!
    Thank you :)
    Ploy I. Los Angeles, CA

  • This place is my go to Thai stop. Delicious. You can't go wrong from the Tom Yum to Pad Thai to the Yellow Curry, everything I have tried is great. The prices are reasonable and their lunch specials are extremely affordable at $6.95 a plate. It's a convenient place for lunch dates with friends.The staff, the cook, the owner are all extremely friendly and inviting. I love coming here. Food is prepared wonderfully; it's not extremely greasy or carelessly tossed together. If you request spicy, these guys can make it real spicy. Which is great if you love spicy food (and I LoVe spicy food) but def tell them if you don't. The place is quaint, clean and cozy. Parking in the plaza lot or along the street. Overall,if you want some bangin' Thai food at a reasonable price, this is your new spot!
    Natalie A. Glendale, CA

  • this place is like a little palace that hidden in the corner of the Vedugo and Colorado.

    This place is a good decent thai food and people there are actually friendly as well!

    Either when I dinned in or ordered for delivery I aways satisfied for the service. I dont no why people give a one star rating. . . .

    On this recent sunday, I also ordered for delivery as well and I had to wait as long as like you people that gave them the one star rating, but somehow I dont see any reasons for them to receive that kind of rating! T hey worked hard to tried to please all customers but and I am totally understand them that they could do only so much at the peak busy time.

    Anyways, Thisvplace a an extremely delicious BBQ Chicken as well as beef and pork jerky! Gauranteed for for the good taste!!
    Jim R. Los Angeles, CA


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